About Our Company

South East Construction is a part of the SECON Group of Companies and is a multi-trade, industrial construction company located in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

We are a company that is totally committed to safety and providing a safe working environment for all of our people and anyone working on or near any of our projects. We have developed a comprehensive safety program that includes; extensive training, hazard elimination, risk assessment and management plans, continuous input from employees and staff and ongoing upgrades to our programs to keep us at the forefront of the safety in our industry.

South East Construction is CWB certified, Sask. Boiler Branch Certified, ISNet registered, SCSA Certified and is a member of the Saskatchewan Construction Labour Relations Association. Within our organization we have some highly qualified people, including Construction Manager, Health and Safety Manager, Safety Administrators, as well as numerous long time employees in foreman and tradesman positions. Organization chart and resume's of any of these people are available upon request.

South East Construction has worked on numerous construction and maintenance projects directly for owners like SaskPower, PCS, Mosaic, Saskferco, Prairie Mines and Royalties, Bunge, Roblin Forest Products and others. We have also worked extensively for EPCM firms such as AMEC, Hatch and SNC Lavalin and as a subcontractor on major construction sites for WSIndustrial, Disaster Management, Comstock, Graham, Magna, Westwood, Promec, Pyramid, PCL and numerous others.

South East Construction Quality System

South East Construction is engaged in design, fabrication, erection and repair of boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping in accordance with ASME Sections I, II, V, VIII Div I, IX, CSA B51, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3 and set forth by the Province of Saskatchewan Boiler and Pressure Vessel Act as well as repairs in accordance with NBIC NB-23. Quality Program Certificate of Registration No. QCP-00115-0001.

South East Construction is CWB Certified for works such as fabrication of structural steel, chute work, underground mining equipment, CNC milling, machining and repair of industrial equipment. CWB Letter of Validation Company Code: GOODM1.

South East Construction's quality system has been fully documented and implemented and is maintained as needed to meet the requirements of South East Construction's vision and governing policies.

South East Construction has adopted a process-orientated method of management. The approach emphasizes the importance of:

  • Continuous improvement of processes based on objective measurement and analysis.
  • Need to consider processes in terms of added value.
  • Obtaining results of process performance and effectiveness.
  • Understanding, meeting and integrating Customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.

The sequence and interaction of processes has been determined and are controlled by specific criteria and methods. Objectives are set for each process and then measured and monitored with appropriate data gathered and analyzed to ensure process effectiveness. During Management Review, process resources are discussed and allocated by management, as applicable. Corrective and preventative action is taken to ensure the processes achieve the desired results and continually improve.

Associations and Certifications

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Corporate Health & Safety Statement

SOUTH EAST CONSTRUCTION is committed to a strong Health, Safety and Environmental Program that protects our employees, subcontractors, clients, property and members of the public from harm.